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In Pursuit of Passion

February 24, 2016
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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there are things in life that we dream of doing. However, dropping everything in pursuit of that dream might not be the best option—at least not in the beginning. Sometimes, we have to do our jobs to pay the bills. That allows us to be in pursuit of our passions while in full stomach.

The notion that we have to drop everything to follow our passions is a myth. When we become professionals, there are aspects of our crafts that we’d rather not do. If we’re working on the job that we don’t like, we’re just doing the majority of the task that we hate even though there are portions that we like. The wiser option would be to work on our day job, develop our skills and experiences for our dream job, and then have a plan to move on our desired profession slowly but surely whether it’s acting, writing, singing, painting, etc.

I used to abhor this idea of working just to pay the bills. I thought I would be better off following my desire to write without worrying about work. Years later, my priorities have shifted. I realized that it’s easier to do what we want when we have money to spend for the lessons and materials. It’s a matter of shifting things around so that we can pursue our passions while paying the bills. Similarly, it’s the difference between Stephen King and John Grisham. Stephen King worked as a janitor while writing on the side. John Grisham was a lawyer before he became a full time writer. One definitely lived more comfortably than the other.

We have to be prudent when it comes to pursuing what we want. We can’t just drop everything to follow our dreams. Most of us have bills to pay. It’s easier to pursue our passions when we have money to fund it. If we pursue our passions, we will eventually earn more money using that particular skills. The moment that our passions could sustain us financially is the time to let go of the old job. It would take focus but it’s easier to do what we want when we have the money in our pocket.

Money gives us freedom to do what we want. We should not ignore its value. This money could and should help us sustain our passions until we’re able to make a transition doing what we want to do.


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