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Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

October 24, 2017
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Today’s post is from my Facebook Live. I’ve been doing my weekly videos. Hopefully you like them.

Simple Taste

March 10, 2016
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I love simple design. They might seem understated but the more I study them the better I like them. Some people might think they’re boring but there’s beauty in simple patterns. They don’t go out of style. Some people might love trends but one minute they look good and the next, people wanted nothing to do with them. I prefer the classics.

Simple design would suit a simple person like me. I would rather pick clothes that would look fashionable even after a year or two rather than pick something that would be hot right now and not the next. It’s a matter of sticking to the basics and picking accessories that would make your outfit stand out.

Similarly, we don’t need to be ornate in creating anything. It would be just as beautiful even if it’s not as ornate.


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February 1, 2016
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My name is Marilag Lubag and welcome to my new blog. If you’re looking for something that would teach you how to be a better writer, you’re in the wrong blog. My focus is about how to become more creative, using my different artistic affinities as a way to explain my point.

As a singer, poet, someone who’s adept in needlecrafts, an aspiring novelist, and an aspiring crochet designer, I consider myself an artist. I have a thing or two to share about being creative. First and foremost, I understand how creative minds work. All I need to do is to look into my own self and see the things that inspire me. There are times in my life when I want to create more things. There were times when I couldn’t create anything. Then there were also times when I want to burn or destroy my recent creation. Every artist experiences these things. Part of the process is figuring out how to channel utilize all of these phases so that I could work as a consistent artist.

This blog is about my reflection on my creative process—what had worked for me in the past and what didn’t. That way, you can try it and see for yourself if they’re as effective for you as they are for me.

My blog will be divided into three topics. First, this blog would talk about how to unleash that block that is preventing people from being creative.  Second would be crochet—one of my fortes. I would talk about how crochet inspires me about my own creative process, some patterns I created, and what I learned about crochet that reflects on my creative life in general. My third topic would be coming soon. It would be a corner for my latest work-in-progress stories, which I hope to turn into novels.

I’m glad that you checked out my blog. See you next time!

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